Vluchtelingen en NT2

Extra college in de BA-cursus Onderwijs Nederlands: op woensdag 2 november van 15:15-17:00 uur komt Anne Kerkhoff van de Fontys Hogeschool langs voor een gastcollege. Anne Kerkhoff en Jacomine Nortier zullen het hebben over de taalproblemen waarmee vluchtelingen in Nederland te maken krijgen. Ze zullen aandacht besteden aan de lessituaties waarin vluchtelingen terechtkomen en Kerkhoff zal ingaan op de activiteiten die een speciale taskforce vanuit verschillende hogescholen in Nederland onderneemt. Aan het college zal ook Maud Beersmans bijdragen, zij is docente NT2 bij Babel en heeft jarenlange ervaring in het lesgeven aan nieuwkomers en co-auteur van de methode De Opstap-Sprong-Finale. Met haar zullen enkele cursisten meekomen die hier als vluchteling zijn gekomen en in de afgelopen periode Nederlands hebben geleerd.
Het extra college vindt plaats op Drift 23, zaal 2.12. Er is nog ruimte voor ongeveer 15 belangstellenden! Stuur even een mailtje naar Jacomine Nortier als je als je erbij wil zijn: j.m.nortier@uu.nl.

Multilingualism: ideas and good practices

Do you want to know how business companies can profit from multilingualism? How to handle linguistic barriers between doctors and patients? Or how linguistic diversity can be an eye-catching theme for inclusion in new architecture and public spaces in the city? These questions and many more are addressed in the Toolkits Multilingualism. Download them for free, and choose between English, French, German, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Spanish, Italian. Learn from good practices in 18 cities.

Multilingual Living Magazine

Hundreds of popular articles on all possible aspects of multilingualism. All issues of Multilingual Living Magazine are now free. Topics ranging from “Is it ok for a parent to speak more than one language with her children?” to “Interview with Colin Baker – the author of A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism” and “How does Luxembourg support everyday multilingualism & multiculturalism?”
Download: http://www.multilingualliving.com/enjoy-multilingual-living-magazine/

Drongo 2015

Kom naar Drongo!

Op 25 en 26 september 2015 vindt in Utrecht het jaarlijkse Drongo festival plaats waar meertaligheid wordt gevierd.
On September 25-26, 2015, multilingualism will be celebrated at the annual Drongo festival, in Utrecht this time.
Come and join us!
Informatie/Programma: http://www.drongofestival.nl/

LUCIDE Toolkits: translations now online availabe in ten languages

The toolkits have been translated into **ten** different European languages, now online available. The toolkits are useful collections of ideas and good practices on urban multilingualism based on research in 17 cities, covering six different urban spheres in each of these languages: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Italian and Spanish.

The six urban spheres are: -1-work; -2-health; -3-learning new languages; -4-plurilingual learners; -5-public services; -6-publlic space.

Check http://www.urbanlanguages.eu/toolkits

LUCIDE Toolkits Multilingualism

The output of the LUCIDE project is now available!
Read more about LUCIDE on http://www.urbanlanguages.eu/ and go to http://www.urbanlanguages.eu/toolkits to take a look at the toolkits that were developed.
Each of the 6 toolkits contains tips, tricks and good practices on how to profit from multilingualism in the fields of education, learning, economy, public space, public services, and health care, respectively. The toolkits can be used by anyone interested: from aldermen to parents and from medical doctors to bus drivers.
The basis of the toolkits is a series of 18 city reports on multilingualism. The cities involved are: Utrecht, London, Hamburg, Oslo, Madrid, Sofia, Varna, Osijek, Limassol, Strasbourg, Rome, Dublin, Athens, Melbourne, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.
Tips, tricks and good practices are selected and combined in the toolkits.
PLease send an email to lucidelanguages@gmail.com if you are interested in the city reports, or in the Dutch, French or Italian translations of the toolkits. Other translations will appear soon.

An example that should make you curious and eager to read more (from the toolkit on economy): ‘Do you know what languages your colleagues speak?’ Followed by a number of tips on how to make an inventory and how to use it in order to improve the position and attractiveness of the company by using the presence of speakers of many languages as a strength.

What objections could you have against foreign language learning?

I copied this link from Ruxandra Comănaru who attended the conference “No island is an island” at the Language Show last week. The conference was organised by the EC and while it focused on the benefits of learning and speaking languages in the UK, there was one debate between Baroness Blackstone and Lid King that left all the attendants shocked, to say the least. She is a Labour life peer in the House of Lords.



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