LUCIDE Toolkits Multilingualism

The output of the LUCIDE project is now available!
Read more about LUCIDE on and go to to take a look at the toolkits that were developed.
Each of the 6 toolkits contains tips, tricks and good practices on how to profit from multilingualism in the fields of education, learning, economy, public space, public services, and health care, respectively. The toolkits can be used by anyone interested: from aldermen to parents and from medical doctors to bus drivers.
The basis of the toolkits is a series of 18 city reports on multilingualism. The cities involved are: Utrecht, London, Hamburg, Oslo, Madrid, Sofia, Varna, Osijek, Limassol, Strasbourg, Rome, Dublin, Athens, Melbourne, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.
Tips, tricks and good practices are selected and combined in the toolkits.
PLease send an email to if you are interested in the city reports, or in the Dutch, French or Italian translations of the toolkits. Other translations will appear soon.

An example that should make you curious and eager to read more (from the toolkit on economy): ‘Do you know what languages your colleagues speak?’ Followed by a number of tips on how to make an inventory and how to use it in order to improve the position and attractiveness of the company by using the presence of speakers of many languages as a strength.